Prayers are to men as dolls are to children.

Samuel Butler quote explanation

This quote draws a metaphorical comparison between prayers and dolls, suggesting a parallel between the way adults engage with prayers and the way children interact with dolls. Let’s break down the quote:

  1. “Prayers are to men”: This part establishes the subject of the comparison—prayers—and associates them with adults or humanity in general.
  2. “as dolls are to children”: This part of the quote introduces the other side of the analogy, equating dolls with children. The comparison implies a similarity in the roles that prayers play in the lives of adults and dolls play in the lives of children.

In essence, the quote may be interpreted to convey a few possible meanings:

  • Symbolic Comfort: Like children find comfort, companionship, and a sense of security in dolls, adults may find solace, support, or a sense of connection through prayers. In this sense, prayers serve as symbolic sources of comfort and reassurance.
  • Imaginary Interaction: Children often engage in imaginative play with dolls, creating scenarios, conversations, and relationships. Similarly, adults may engage in prayer as a form of communication with a higher power or as a means of reflection and introspection.
  • Expressing Emotions: Children may use dolls to express emotions and act out experiences. Similarly, adults may use prayers as a way to express their emotions, whether it’s gratitude, hope, or a plea for guidance.

It’s worth noting that interpretations may vary, and the quote leaves room for individual perspectives on the role of prayers in the lives of adults.

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