I love surfing on sound waves, with only music making noise.

Riccardo Messina quote explanation

This quote uses a metaphor to express a deep appreciation for the experience of immersing oneself in music. Let’s break it down:

“I love surfing on sound waves”: The metaphor here likens the experience of engaging with music to the act of surfing on waves. It suggests a dynamic and exhilarating interaction with sound, where the individual is riding the metaphorical waves created by music.

“With only music making noise”: This part of the quote emphasizes the purity and exclusivity of the experience. It conveys the idea that, in this moment of “surfing on sound waves,” the only sound or noise that matters is the music itself. The phrase “only music making noise” implies a deliberate exclusion of other distractions or external sounds, creating a focused and immersive musical experience.

In essence, the quote expresses a love for the transformative and immersive power of music. It captures the idea of losing oneself in the rhythmic and melodic elements of sound, as if riding waves of music with an exclusive focus on that auditory journey. It’s a poetic way of describing the joy and intensity of the connection one can feel when deeply engaged with music.

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    Music is life!

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