Boys admire topless girls, men admire top women.

Riccardo Messina quote explanation

This quote draws a distinction between boys and men based on their perspectives and values regarding women. Let’s break down the statement:

  1. “Boys admire topless girls” – This part suggests that younger or less mature individuals (referred to as “boys”) may focus on physical attributes and superficial qualities when it comes to their admiration for women. “Topless” here might be a metaphor for a focus on external appearances or physical features.
  2. “Men admire top women” – In contrast, this part implies that mature and more evolved individuals (referred to as “men”) appreciate women for qualities beyond just physical appearance. “Top women” likely refers to women who possess admirable qualities, such as intelligence, character, strength, and accomplishments.

Overall, the quote suggests a progression from a more superficial appreciation in boys to a deeper, more respectful admiration in men that goes beyond physical appearances. It encourages the idea that true maturity involves valuing and respecting women for their inner qualities and achievements rather than focusing solely on external aspects.

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