The true prayer is only of thankfulness; just a simple thank you is enough.

Osho quote explanation

This quote emphasizes a particular perspective on prayer, suggesting that the essence of genuine prayer lies in expressions of gratitude. Here’s a breakdown of the key elements in the quote:

  1. True Prayer:
    • The quote implies that there is a genuine or authentic form of prayer that stands out from other types of prayers. In this context, true prayer is associated with a specific quality or intention.
  2. Only of Thankfulness:
    • According to the quote, the fundamental nature of true prayer is centered around thankfulness. Instead of asking for something or seeking help, this form of prayer focuses on expressing gratitude.
  3. Simple Thank You is Enough:
    • The simplicity of the expression is underscored in the quote. It suggests that true prayer doesn’t require elaborate words, rituals, or requests. A simple “thank you” is considered sufficient for this form of prayer.
  4. Gratitude as the Core Element:
    • The underlying message is that a prayer rooted in gratitude is the most authentic and meaningful. Rather than approaching prayer as a means to seek assistance or blessings, it encourages an approach where one acknowledges and appreciates the positive aspects of life.

In summary, this quote conveys the idea that the most genuine and meaningful form of prayer is one centered around gratitude. It suggests that expressing thanks is enough and that the simplicity of a thankful heart is the essence of true prayer. This perspective aligns with various spiritual and philosophical traditions that emphasize gratitude as a powerful and transformative practice in one’s spiritual journey.

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