There are ties that, after being untied, are remade with a nice double knot.

Riccardo Messina quote explanation

This quote metaphorically describes certain relationships or connections that, after experiencing a period of separation or detachment, are reestablished with a stronger and more secure bond. The image of untying and remaking the tie with a “nice double knot” suggests that the renewed connection is not only restored but strengthened.

Here’s a breakdown of the quote:

  1. “There are ties that, after being untied…” – This part refers to relationships or connections that have been temporarily severed or loosened. The term “ties” here can be understood as bonds or connections between individuals.
  2. “…are remade with a nice double knot.” – This part describes the reconnection or rekindling of the relationship. The use of “a nice double knot” implies a more secure and durable bond than before. A double knot is typically stronger and less likely to come undone easily.

The underlying message suggests the resilience and potential for growth in certain relationships. Despite experiencing separation or challenges, some connections have the capacity to be reestablished in a way that makes them even stronger than before. The emphasis on the “nice double knot” conveys the idea of a deliberate effort to reinforce and fortify the relationship after a period of untying or strain.

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