“One day we will…”. The finished stories all began this way. Do it now: love, a nice trip, a picnic, a splurge… Do, don’t plan. You are not dealing with robots but with people.

Riccardo Messina quote explanation

This quote encourages a proactive and immediate approach to life, highlighting the tendency for many plans to remain unrealized when they start with the phrase “One day we will…”. Let’s break down the elements:

  1. “One day we will…” – This phrase is often used to express intentions or future plans. It sets the stage for a hypothetical future action.
  2. “The finished stories all began this way.” – This part suggests a common pattern where many plans or aspirations are often left unfinished or unfulfilled when they begin with vague promises about the future.
  3. “Do it now: love, a nice trip, a picnic, a splurge…” – The quote urges people to take immediate action on their desires and plans. It provides examples such as expressing love, going on a trip, having a picnic, or indulging in a splurge.
  4. “Do, don’t plan.” – This is the core message of the quote, emphasizing the importance of taking concrete actions rather than merely planning for the future. It suggests that the actual experience of living is more valuable than postponed plans.
  5. “You are not dealing with robots but with people.” – This line underscores the humanity of individuals, emphasizing the unpredictable and finite nature of life. It suggests that waiting for an ideal or perfect moment might result in missed opportunities.

In summary, the quote encourages a mindset of seizing the present moment and turning intentions into actions. It reminds individuals that life is dynamic and unpredictable, and it’s important to act on desires rather than indefinitely postponing them.

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