I have 7 meters of intestine, which will never be another bitter experience to digest.

Riccardo Messina quote explanation

This quote humorously plays with the concept of the digestive system and emotions. It seems to express a positive outlook on life, emphasizing that the speaker has a limited length of intestine (7 meters) and that they won’t let another bitter experience be difficult to digest. Let’s break down the elements of the quote:

  1. “I have 7 meters of intestine” – This is a factual statement about the length of the speaker’s intestine. The human small intestine is indeed approximately 6 to 7 meters long.
  2. “which will never be another bitter experience to digest” – This part introduces a metaphorical interpretation. The speaker is using the length of their intestine as a metaphor for life experiences, specifically those that are bitter or difficult to handle. The statement implies that they have a positive attitude and won’t let negative experiences weigh them down or be hard to “digest.”

In essence, the quote suggests resilience and a determination to handle life’s challenges with a sense of humor and optimism. It’s a creative way of expressing the idea that the speaker won’t let negativity or bitterness linger and affect them for a long time.

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