Good judgment comes from experience, and a lot of that comes from bad judgment.

Will Rogers quote explanation

This quote suggests that acquiring good judgment is often a result of personal experiences, including mistakes and poor decisions. It recognizes that individuals tend to learn valuable lessons from their errors and misjudgments, ultimately contributing to the development of sound judgment.

Let’s break down the quote:

“Good judgment comes from experience”: This part of the quote implies that the ability to make wise decisions, or exercise good judgment, is closely tied to the knowledge and insights gained through personal experiences.

“And a lot of that comes from bad judgment”: The quote acknowledges that a significant portion of the experiences contributing to good judgment arises from instances of making mistakes or exercising poor judgment. It highlights the idea that learning from one’s failures is a crucial part of the experiential learning process.

The underlying message is about embracing the learning opportunities presented by mistakes. Rather than viewing errors as purely negative, the quote suggests that they can be valuable teachers. Through the process of experiencing and learning from bad judgment, individuals can refine their decision-making skills and develop the capacity for good judgment.

In summary, the quote emphasizes the connection between good judgment and personal experiences, with a particular emphasis on the lessons derived from instances of bad judgment. It encourages a perspective that values learning from mistakes as an essential part of personal and intellectual growth.

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