You stole IKEA pencils to write how much you love me but you had already stolen my heart.

Riccardo Messina quote explanation

This quote employs humor and a playful metaphor to express the idea that the person being addressed has already captured the speaker’s affections or love. The mention of stealing IKEA pencils adds a whimsical touch, suggesting that the act of taking something insignificant (like pencils) to express love is unnecessary since the person has already “stolen” the speaker’s heart.

Here’s a breakdown of the quote:

  1. “You stole IKEA pencils to write how much you love me…” – This part uses a lighthearted scenario of stealing pencils from IKEA, a furniture store known for providing pencils, as a humorous way to depict expressing love.
  2. “…but you had already stolen my heart.” – The quote cleverly reveals that the real “theft” had already occurred—the person had already captured the speaker’s heart, making the symbolic act of stealing pencils unnecessary.

The underlying message is one of affection and playfulness. It suggests that expressions of love can be simple and don’t require extravagant gestures, especially when the heart has already been won. The quote combines humor with a romantic sentiment, creating a light and enjoyable expression of love.

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