You filled my heart like a subway train that leaves empty from the terminus and then fills up more and more as it continues towards the center.

Riccardo Messina quote explanation

This quote uses the metaphor of a subway train to express the idea of how someone has gradually filled the speaker’s heart with emotions or love. Let’s break it down:

  1. “You filled my heart…” – The quote starts by attributing the action of filling the speaker’s heart to the person being addressed. It suggests that the individual has had a profound impact on the speaker emotionally.
  2. “…like a subway train…” – The metaphor of a subway train is introduced. In this context, the subway train serves as a symbol of the progression of emotions or love.
  3. “…that leaves empty from the terminus…” – The image of the subway train leaving empty from the terminus (the starting point or end station) implies an initial emptiness or void in the speaker’s heart before the person came into their life.
  4. “…and then fills up more and more as it continues towards the center.” – The metaphor continues by describing the gradual filling of the heart as the subway train progresses toward the center. This could be interpreted as the increasing depth and intensity of emotions or love as time goes on.

In summary, the quote uses the subway train metaphor to vividly convey the idea of someone entering the speaker’s life and gradually filling it with emotions, much like a train filling up with passengers on its journey.

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