We complain so much about broken promises, but do we keep the promises we make to ourselves?

Riccardo Messina quote explanation

This quote reflects on the tendency of people to complain about broken promises made by others while prompting self-reflection on whether individuals uphold the promises they make to themselves. Let’s break down the meaning:

  1. “We complain so much about broken promises” – This part of the quote acknowledges the common human experience of feeling disappointed or upset when others fail to keep their promises. It highlights the prevalence of complaints about unfulfilled commitments from external sources.
  2. “but do we keep the promises we make to ourselves?” – Here, the quote challenges individuals to turn the focus inward and consider their own actions. It questions whether the speaker and others are consistent in honoring the commitments they make to themselves.

In essence, the quote encourages self-awareness and accountability. It suggests that before complaining about broken promises from others, individuals should reflect on their own ability to keep the promises they make to themselves. It serves as a reminder to maintain personal integrity and responsibility in addition to holding others accountable.

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