There is more love in a nice gesture than in a nice promise.

Riccardo Messina quote explanation

This quote emphasizes the value of actions over words, suggesting that a tangible and thoughtful gesture carries more weight and sincerity than a verbal promise. Let’s break down the quote:

  1. “There is more love in a nice gesture” – This part of the quote asserts that the expression of love is better manifested through actions rather than mere words. A “nice gesture” refers to a kind, considerate, or thoughtful action taken to demonstrate care or affection.
  2. “than in a nice promise” – This part contrasts a gesture with a promise. A “nice promise” suggests a verbal commitment or assurance to do something positive or loving in the future.

In summary, the quote encourages the idea that concrete actions, represented by a kind gesture, are more meaningful and genuine in expressing love than making promises. It underscores the importance of demonstrating love through tangible acts rather than relying solely on verbal assurances.

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