The train doesn’t pass just once, it passes several times, it simply delays and you have to wait longer than expected.

Riccardo Messina quote explanation

This quote uses the metaphor of a train passing to convey the idea that opportunities or significant events in life may not come just once. Instead, they might present themselves repeatedly, but their timing can be unpredictable, requiring patience and extended waiting periods.

Here’s a breakdown of the quote:

  1. “The train doesn’t pass just once…” – This part establishes the metaphor, suggesting that opportunities or important moments in life are not limited to a single occurrence.
  2. “…it passes several times…” – The quote extends the metaphor by stating that the train, representing opportunities, comes around multiple times. This implies that chances or significant events may have more than one occurrence.
  3. “…it simply delays and you have to wait longer than expected.” – This part acknowledges that, while the opportunities may reoccur, there can be delays or uncertainties in their arrival. It emphasizes the need for patience and the understanding that waiting periods might be longer than anticipated.

The underlying message is one of optimism and patience. It suggests that even if an opportunity seems to have passed, there may be future chances. The quote encourages individuals to remain patient, resilient, and open to the possibility of opportunities presenting themselves again, even if the timing is not immediately apparent.

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