The biggest changes are the silent ones, the internal ones.

Riccardo Messina quote explanation

This quote underscores the idea that the most significant transformations or changes often occur within a person, at an internal or emotional level. It suggests that profound shifts in one’s beliefs, perspectives, or personal growth are not always externally visible or immediately apparent to others.

Here’s a breakdown of the quote:

  1. “The biggest changes are the silent ones…” – This part emphasizes that major transformations or developments are not necessarily accompanied by outward expressions or observable actions. The term “silent” implies that these changes occur quietly or internally.
  2. “…the internal ones.” – This specifies that the changes being referred to are internal—taking place within the individual’s thoughts, emotions, or mindset rather than manifesting in external behaviors or circumstances.

The underlying message is a recognition of the importance of personal growth, self-reflection, and the development of one’s character. It suggests that the most profound and impactful changes often happen on a deeply personal level and may not be immediately visible to others. This perspective encourages individuals to appreciate the significance of internal transformations and the quiet, often introspective, journey of personal development.

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