Liar like a scratch card that omitted the “maybe”.

Riccardo Messina quote explanation

This quote uses a metaphor to convey the idea that a liar is akin to a scratch card that intentionally omits the element of uncertainty or doubt. Here’s a breakdown of the quote:

  1. “Liar like a scratch card…” – The comparison is made between a person who lies and a scratch card. A scratch card typically involves revealing concealed information by scratching off a coating.
  2. “…that omitted the ‘maybe’.” – The metaphorical scratch card in this context intentionally avoids including the possibility of uncertainty or ambiguity (“maybe”). The implication is that the liar presents information as definitive and without room for doubt.

The underlying message of the quote is that a liar is someone who, like a manipulated scratch card, deliberately conceals the truth, presenting their statements as absolute and devoid of any shades of uncertainty. It highlights the deceptive nature of the individual and the intention to mislead by omitting crucial elements that might reveal the true nature of the information being conveyed.

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