Laugh, because even fake people are good at smiling and happiness must have a sound, it must be able to explode.

Riccardo Messina quote explanation

This quote celebrates the act of laughter and the expression of happiness, even in the face of insincerity or superficiality. It suggests that laughter is a powerful and genuine manifestation of joy, and it encourages people to embrace and share their laughter without hesitation.

Here’s a breakdown of the quote:

  1. “Laugh, because even fake people are good at smiling…” – This part acknowledges that even individuals who may not be sincere or authentic can often put on a convincing smile. Despite this, the quote encourages genuine laughter as a contrast to superficial smiles.
  2. “…and happiness must have a sound, it must be able to explode.” – The quote emphasizes the idea that true happiness should be expressed audibly, through laughter. The use of phrases like “have a sound” and “explode” conveys the energy and vivacity associated with genuine joy.

The underlying message encourages people to find joy in laughter and not to be deterred by the possibility that others might fake happiness. It celebrates the authentic and contagious nature of laughter, suggesting that it’s a powerful and expressive form of happiness that deserves to be shared openly.

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