I love your lips. Or rather, what they say.

Riccardo Messina quote explanation

This quote is a playful and poetic way of expressing admiration for not just the physical appearance of someone’s lips but also for the words that come from them. Let’s break it down:

“I love your lips”: This part of the quote starts with a more common expression of affection. It refers to the physical feature of the person’s lips, which can be considered an attractive or sensual aspect.

“Or rather, what they say”: The second part of the quote adds depth and nuance to the expression of affection. Instead of focusing solely on the physical aspect, it shifts the emphasis to the words that come from the person’s lips. This suggests that the speaker finds the content of the person’s speech, their thoughts, and expressions to be particularly appealing or meaningful.

In essence, the quote goes beyond a superficial compliment about physical appearance and highlights the significance of communication and the thoughts conveyed by the person. It implies that the attractiveness lies not just in the physical features but also in the ideas, feelings, or messages that are expressed through the words spoken by the individual. It’s a charming way of appreciating both the external and internal qualities of the person.

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