The relationship between husband and wife should be one of closest friends.

B.R. Ambedkar quote explanation

This quote emphasizes the idea that the connection between a husband and wife should extend beyond traditional spousal roles and be characterized by a deep and meaningful friendship. Here’s a breakdown of the key elements in the quote:

  1. “The relationship between husband and wife”:
    • This phrase refers to the bond or connection between a married couple. It recognizes the unique and special nature of the relationship that exists within the context of marriage.
  2. “Should be one of closest friends”:
    • The quote puts forth the ideal that the connection between a husband and wife should be akin to that of close friends. It suggests that the emotional closeness, trust, and companionship found in deep friendships are qualities that should characterize a marital relationship.
  3. Emphasis on Friendship:
    • By highlighting the importance of being “closest friends,” the quote underscores the significance of friendship in marriage. It implies that a strong foundation of friendship can enhance and sustain the marital bond.
  4. Shared Companionship:
    • The notion of being close friends in a marriage implies shared interests, mutual understanding, and a sense of companionship. It suggests that the relationship goes beyond mere roles and responsibilities to a connection built on genuine liking and enjoyment of each other’s company.
  5. Open Communication and Trust:
    • Friendship often involves open communication and trust, and the quote implies that these qualities are essential within a marital relationship. The idea is that spouses should feel comfortable sharing thoughts, feelings, and experiences with each other.
  6. Mutual Support:
    • Friends provide support to each other, and the quote suggests that this supportive aspect should be integral to the relationship between husband and wife. It implies a partnership where both individuals are there for each other through challenges and triumphs.

In summary, this quote advocates for a marital relationship that transcends traditional roles and emphasizes the importance of friendship. It encourages spouses to build a connection based on shared interests, open communication, trust, and mutual support, fostering a deep and lasting bond reminiscent of close friends.

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