There are big people hungry for knowledge and little people hungry to know other people’s business.

Riccardo Messina quote explanation

This quote draws a distinction between two types of individuals based on their interests and priorities. It suggests that there are those who prioritize acquiring knowledge and information for personal growth, and there are others who are more interested in gossiping or being overly curious about the personal affairs of others.

Here’s a breakdown of the quote:

  1. “There are big people hungry for knowledge…” – This part describes one group of individuals who are characterized as “big people.” The term “big” here doesn’t necessarily refer to physical size but is likely used metaphorically to denote individuals who are mature, intellectually curious, and focused on personal development.
  2. “…and little people hungry to know other people’s business.” – This contrasts with the first group and describes another set of individuals referred to as “little people.” Again, “little” is likely metaphorical and implies individuals who are more inclined to gossip, be nosy, or excessively interested in the personal affairs of others.

The underlying message emphasizes a distinction in values and interests. It encourages a positive view of those who seek knowledge and personal growth, contrasting them with individuals who may be more preoccupied with the lives and affairs of others. It suggests that the pursuit of knowledge and personal development is a more substantial and admirable focus than being overly concerned with gossip or prying into the private matters of others.

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