Some people keep their distance, they are cold. After all, it’s better this way, we know that cold air on us hurts.

Riccardo Messina quote explanation

This quote seems to convey the idea that certain individuals choose to maintain emotional distance from others, appearing cold or reserved. The reasoning behind this behavior is suggested to be a protective measure—acknowledging that emotional closeness can lead to pain, much like the discomfort of cold air.

Here’s a breakdown of the quote:

  1. “Some people keep their distance, they are cold.” – This part describes a group of individuals who are emotionally distant or appear aloof. The term “cold” is used metaphorically to suggest a lack of warmth or emotional connection.
  2. “After all, it’s better this way…” – This introduces the rationale behind their behavior. The phrase implies that maintaining emotional distance is considered preferable or advantageous for some reason.
  3. “we know that cold air on us hurts.” – This part provides a metaphorical comparison between emotional distance and the sensation of cold air causing pain. The idea is that, just as exposure to cold air can be uncomfortable, emotional closeness or vulnerability can lead to emotional pain.

The underlying message may be that some people choose to keep their emotions guarded, perhaps as a defense mechanism to avoid potential emotional hurt or disappointment. The analogy of cold air adds a tangible element to the emotional experience, suggesting that the perceived discomfort of emotional closeness is a factor in their decision to keep a certain distance from others.

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