I like to think that going to the gym to lift weights helps to feel relieved from the burdens of life.

Riccardo Messina quote explanation

his quote expresses a positive perspective on the benefits of going to the gym and lifting weights, suggesting that this physical activity serves as a source of relief from life’s burdens. Let’s break down the key elements:

  1. “I like to think” – The quote begins with a personal reflection, indicating that the following statement is the speaker’s perspective or belief.
  2. “Going to the gym to lift weights” – This specifies the activity in focus: going to the gym and engaging in weightlifting.
  3. “Helps to feel relieved from the burdens of life” – The core message is that the act of lifting weights at the gym is perceived as a means of finding relief or release from the challenges, stress, or burdens that life may present. It implies that the physical exertion and focus required during weightlifting contribute to a sense of mental and emotional relief.

In essence, the quote suggests a positive correlation between physical exercise, particularly weightlifting, and emotional well-being. It aligns with the idea that engaging in physical activities can have positive effects on mental health and serve as a form of stress relief.

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